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  • Wow I never knew what I was missing, JALAPENO CHEDDAR CHEESE BARS!!!!!! The best.

    Mike R. #Easy Snacking
  • Cracker Barrel cheese is the best... yummy, give more ideas for snacks, appetizers, platters...

    Lashern P. #Easy Snacking
  • Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp in black wrapper is the absolute best! I use it for making initial offerings with company... what I make is always a hit!

    Joan H. #Entertaining
  • Love your Vermont Sharp White cheddar! Have it every holiday and special occasion!

    Lynn K. #Entertaining
  • Ode to Cracker Barrel, you’ve got me over a barrel with your perfected flavor and unbeatable taste.

    Christopher K. #Flavor
  • My husband and I love your cheese! Our favorite is Vermont Sharp White. We always try to pick up a block when we shop. I grew up on this cheese... it was the only kind my mom would buy. Now it’s the only kind I will buy! Thank you for this great cheese!

    Emily A. #Flavor
  • Back 50+ years ago Cracker Barrel cheese was the most favorite thing in my 3 year old life. My uncle would call me on the phone, I would stand up in a kitchen chair and tell him what I wanted him to bring me from the store. It was always Cracker Barrel cheese with crackers. He and I shared a birthday and a love of cheese, when he passed in 1977, he was 101 y/o he loved it too. Now whenever I sit and have Cracker Barrel cheese and crackers I enjoy a wonderful memory and a wonderful cheese as well. Thank you for a wonderful product and wonderful memories.

    Tami B. #Flavor
  • Cracker Barrel is the best cheese!! I love the Extra Sharp!!

    Rachel K. #Flavor
  • I won’t buy any other cheddar cheese. Aged reserve is my favorite. <3

    Victoria B. #Flavor
  • Cracker Barrel cheese is the best cheese I have ever tried so far!! I love the Extra Sharp Cheddar!!

    Lisa T. #Flavor
  • Made mashed potatoes and cauliflower with your Cracked Black Pepper cheddar... Oh, my!! Delicious!

    Carman G. #Recipes
  • Grew up with shredded Cracker Barrel (Extra Sharp) on a tortilla melted in the toaster oven and dunked in mayo - soooooo good! I love cheese :)

    Sarah M. #Recipes
  • Super sharp and apple pie...mmmmmmm.

    Tami B. #Recipes